I love writing about music. If it is anything like dancing about architecture, then I bet I would love dancing about architecture too - I would waltz to the Big Ben’s gothic design. For me, writing about music has allowed me to engage more deeply with it, often simply by just articulating what connects with me (or doesn’t). And importantly, it also gives me an archive so I can remember exactly how I felt about it on that day of writing.

I want to apply this same logic to literature as well. Hence the title: Free City Rhymes, taken from a dearly-beloved Sonic Youth song, a band that combined their love for music and poetry (which I expand here to literature more broadly). So not only will you find my thoughts on music, this will also give me the space to think critically about literature as well.

And that’s it. This is just a place for me to write some things, and hopefully you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy putting thoughts to page.

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Music and Literature